Q: Why soap?

Ans: In an emergency relief situation people forced to flee from their villages always need many things. The first and foremost things on that list are always food and water, the good news is that in the IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps where we are working food and water are being covered by other groups. In order of priority sanitation and hygiene come right after food and water. 50,000 people living in a closely confined area can create a health catastrophe is sanitation is not addressed. Basically all it takes is one person to get sick and all 50,000 people can quickly succumb to the same illness. In situations like this soap can be more effective than medicines or vaccines. The simple act of washing hands with soap can reduce infectious diseases by half.

Q: How many people have been displaced by the fighting?

Ans: Estimates say that up to 950,000 people have been forced to leave their homes due to the fighting. Out of that number, approximately 80,000 are in Eastern Equatoria one of the areas where we are working. There are also another 60,000 South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda where we also work.

Q: Who will be getting the soap out to the camps?

Ans: The task of buying and distributing the soap to the IDP’s will be carried out by Drop in the Bucket. A Los Angeles based non-profit who have been operating in South Sudan for over 5 years and have extensive experience working in the area.

Q: Will soap still be needed once a peace agreement is reached?

Ans: Yes, even after a peace agreement has been reached, it will still take several months to rebuild the villages and get everybody to return home. During that time all of the displaced villagers will still be in the IDP camps.

Q: Could a US based company donate soap?

Ans: Yes and no, right now any soap will help and will make a huge difference, but by the time we ship enough soap for the 50,000 people in IDP camps in Eastern Equatoria all the way to South Sudan by boat, many children will have gotten sick and possibly died. We need to get soap to the camps immediately and with your donations we can make that happen. We have the trucks, the staff and enough places to buy locally made soap. We just need enough money to buy the soap that is so desperately needed.

Q: How much of my donation goes towards buying soap?

Ans: Due to the current situation in South Sudan every penny donated to this site will be used to buy soap. Once we have managed to deliver soap to all of the refugee camps in Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan and in northern Uganda we will either use funds to work on more long-term solutions like drilling water wells or building toilets for the camps, but as of right now we have to focus on providing immediate relief.

Q: How can I help? 

Ans: Right now our number one concern is buying and delivering soap to the people in the camps.   You can help by buying soap and you can help by  getting the word out about this campaign. Post about this site on Facebook or Twitter, email your friends and tell them why you are supporting this campaign. If you are on Twitter ask a celebrity to tweet about this site or if you know anyone who can help email us at soapforsouthsudan@dropinthebucket.org.